NicheReaper v2 Review – NicheReaper v2 Bonus


NicheReaper v2 Review – NicheReaper v2 Bonus


Standard keyword research methods involve thinking up a seed keyword and then
researching it, it’s variants & it’s competitors through numerous paid & free resources.
This is costly & hugely time consuming.
Nichereaper turns the table on it’s head by automating the whole process. It finds it’s
own keyword ideas by crawling authority sites such as Google, WordPress, Wikipedia &
Reddit & fires these “new” trending keywords at PAID search metrics sites to disqualify
keywords with less than 1000 monthly searches and CPC values of less than 0.25c.
Keywords left over are then fully researched for rankability, social exposure & competitor
Nichereaper 2 delivers approximately 5000 new keywords per day and deletes data over
60 days old to ensure freshness.
Nichereaper 2 exposes new valuable trending keywords & pre-researches these to allow
users to make an informed targeting choice without wasting time on research.
Unique Selling Points:

1. 5000 Pre-qualified Keywords Daily – Nichereaper 2 delivers approx 5000 fresh
keyword opportunities per day.
2. Paid Research – SEO, traffic & competitor research has been validated with respected
paid authority sites.
3. Low Monthly Price – guaranteed lower price than any manual or automated keyword
metrics/research service.
4. Fresh Data – All data over 60 days old is deleted from database.
5. Massive Time Saving – No need to think up seed keywords. All SEO, Social, Traffic &
Competitor research is already done.

Let’s face it, good keywords are the foundation of almost any on-line business, especially
when it comes to making regular passive income.
The big downside is that doing thorough keyword research is tedious, long-winded and
down right BORING!
Here’s the cure:

You know what I mean, it’s tedious, mind numbing & you have to go through the whole
process of: –
~ brainstorming a potential market to see if there are enough searches to make it worth
~ researching the competition to see if it’s “doable”
~ diving in without knowing the real “value” of the market, or whether it’s likely to
make any money…
Sometimes it feels more like “taking a blind chance”, rather than making a solid
business decision!
So how would it feel to access a system that took away all of this tedium & guess work?
A system that works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year long, revealing 1000′s of hot
trending keywords every single day without you lifting a finger…


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