The IM System Review – Is The IM System WORTH it ?


The IM System by “Kenster” is about to launch on March 25th and people want to
know what the system is all about and how they can make money if they invest so I
created the IM System review and bonus site to clear things up a bit!

What Is The IM System?

The IM System is an internet marketing training course that teaches you how to
generate a 6 figure online business following internet marketing guru “Kenster’s”
techniques for driving traffic, generating leads, and making online commissions.

Kenster is calling his new system the “most actionable” training that the industry
has ever seen because everything is step by step with homework, action modules,
and tons of steps to keep you focused on building your new online business.

There is a ton of support with the membership including personal coaching with
Kenster himself, a private forum for members, private Facebook group, Private
Skype group, and even a private message system so members can interact and help
each other succeed right from the members area.

What’s Included In The Training?

Step by Step Modules – There are 6 modules that breakdown the whole system in a
step by step fashion so that students can proceed the course at their own pace.

Unlike other marketing courses out there Kenster doesn’t focus on a single method
of driving traffic and commissions because he realizes not everyone is in the same
position or willing to use the same marketing methods, so he’s done his best to
cover various walks of life.

Here’s an example of what is covered in Module 1 –

Introduction to Module
Mindset Training
Weekly Training + PDFs
Homework wrap-up
Case Studies (multiple niches)
FAQ Webinar
This is just 1 module that includes 25+ videos with hours of training, webinars, case
studies, and tons of training!

Weekly Toolbox – This section of the members area is dedicated to live walk
through trainings showing how to replicate what Kenster is doing as well as “extra
videos” that will add a few more tools to your toolbox.

Ammo Plan – Kenster knows that most people are here to learn how to make
money and only a handful have money to invest in their business right off the bat,
so he has designed the training with that in mind.

There are multiple “plans” to choose from depending on what level of investment
you’re able to make in your online business. All of them are extremely powerful but
some are free while others are less costly than others.

Here’s an investment breakdown of the plans :

Plan #1 – Very Limited Budget
Plan #2 – Limited Budget
Plan #3 – Extremely Solid System
Plan #4 – Pro Plan

Things To Know About The IM System…

$100k Challenge – The first 50 people who make $100k in sales using The IM
System will get a bonus that has yet to be revealed but according to Kenster it
might be a “mastermind group in a Caribbean island.”

Personal Coaching From Ken – Every single member of The IM System will get
personal coaching with the product creator himself so that you can get all your
questions answered by a million dollar online marketer, LIVE.

Copywriting Blueprint – Ken has gone the extra mile to have his “big money”
copywriter give you a blueprint that covers the 16 elements to writing cash pulling
sales pages that convert your buyers and make you more money. Copywriting is an
art, and Kenster claims this training alone is “worth thousands of dollars” and

Action Modules – Instead of teaching you tons of information and leaving you
hanging The IM System gives you “action modules” that will be your homework
and the one thing that makes this system stand apart from the rest.

Groups – There are a ton of groups that will keep users motivated and pushing
toward their next goal, no matter where you’re at in your online business. Here are a
few of the groups :

$100k Challenge Group
IM System Main Group
I’ve Never Made a Dime Online Group
Millionaire Maker Group
Much More!
Bonuses – As if there wasn’t enough training and content in the members area
already. But, Kenster wants to give members as much value as possible so he will be
adding courses and freebies as time goes on and members start pouring in.

What Are The IM System Groups All About?

The groups a portion of members that have something in common such as “Iv’e
never made a dome online…yet” group. The purpose of the group is to work with
people that are in your position and to be able to work together as we go through
our online journey.

Things You Need To Know

No matter what niche you are in you can use The IM System techniques to build a
profitable online business. You don’t have to be involved in the internet marketing
or “make money” niche to be profitable with The IM System.


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